Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Happy Jan!!!

Sorry if a Jan is reading this! I am not upset with you. I am upset with my computer. It broke!!! On Wednesday, I went about my normal morning routine; fed Ollie, turned the computer on, got Tilly and I breakfast, then sat down at the computer... but it was frozen. No response. Nothing. I even tried turning it off and on again about 20 times, but that didn't work. I considered picking it up and throwing it against the wall as a last resort, but am glad I resisted the urge cos it likely would've cost much more than the already hefty $355 I was charged to fix it!!! The hard drive was faulty. So some poor guy had to take all my data off the old hard drive, put in a new one, then transfer all my data back. Believe me, with the number of photos I (stupidly!) have sitting on my computer, he would've had his hands full for quite some time!!! In the meantime, I have undergone some serious withdrawal issues. I love my computer! I like to check my email every half an hour. I like to blog hop during lunch and while the kiddos nap. But for the last two days I've had to keep myself occupied elsewhere. I am embarressed to admit, I even sat down in front of my blank computer a couple of times just to feel like normal! LOL! As off 4pm today, we were reunited, and the world was a happy place once again!!! Only problem is now I have heaps of emails, and forum chatting, and blog hopping to do to make up for lost time. Oh the pain!!! LOL!

Well, that's it for my venting for today! Thanks for listening! And at least now you know where I've been the last few days!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh chloe, I am the same my puter has had some very serious issues this week and my temper is shocking, its like an alchoholic with no booze. I check emails like every 15 minutes and spend my days blog hopping facebooking and chatting as well. I am so glad its all sorted for you now.

take care

Kerryn said...

LOL Chloe, glad to hear it's fixed now :).

(BTW I have a compulsion for checking emails etc, which thankfully has been kept in check by my return to work :D).