Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Round Bites The Dust!!!

I have just completed my layout for Round 2 of Scrapz.Biz's The Scrapper of Oz comp. This week the criteria were;
  • the title “If Only …”

  • a distinct left and right side (mirroring the two hemispheres of the brain)

  • a heart

  • one of the historic symbols of courage (swan, bear, hand, arrow, beetle, lion, dog, unicorn or crown)

Here's my layout;

I struggled a bit with this challenge at first, mostly with selecting an appropriate photo to go with the 'If Only...' title requirement, but also with the concept of splitting the layout into a left and right. In fact, this layout is my third attempt... but once I finally decided upon this design, it all fell into place pretty easily. I am totally stoked with my final layout... in fact, it'd be up there with my fave layouts. I think it's the photo- he is four days old here, and uber cute!!! Just look at those eyes!!!

That's it for now. Til next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Scrapper of Oz - Round 1... DONE!!!

Yep... that's right! I have finished and uploaded my entry for Round 1 of Scrapz.Biz's The Scrapper of Oz competition! This is one of only half a dozen layouts I have created this year so far, so to have completed it with a 5 week old and within the alloted time frame is quite the achievement for me!

The criteria for Round 1 were;

- your or someone else's dreams/plans/hopes
- a scene as your background
- include the seven colours of the rainbow
- an element of movement

Here's my take;

Poor neglected Oliver now has his very first layout! The photo I have used here was taken when he was 3 days old, just an hour or so before we brought him home from hospital. You'll notice it is very similar to the photo I used on his birth announcements... I had taken literally 50 or 60 photos during this shoot that I set up in my hospital room... I was bored ok!!! Hehehe!

Ollie had another 50 or 60 photos taken of him on Sunday afternoon during his first visit to the beach. He loved it! We mostly sat on the sand and watched James and Til, but he did go for a little 'dingle' (that's our family word for paddling your feet!) with Daddy. Daddy was a bit too slow to get away from a wave... it splashed on Ollie and in his face! He was drenched afterward but never complained! Here's a few pics;

I also took a few snaps of Tilly yesterday while she play in a box leftover from the nursery furniture. She's never really got into playing with big boxes, but as you can see she had a ball with this one! This was my fave photo;

Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photos to Share!

They say you take less photos os your subsequent children in comparison to the first... rest assure that is no where near the case in my household!!! Poor Matilda has a mere handful of photos when compared to the hundreds I have taken in Ollie's first five weeks of life!

Here are a few of my fave photos from the past week;

Ollie wearing his new t-shirt, given to him by his Aunty and Uncle. It reads; Ollie the Octopus has 8 legs. Too cute!!!

Who could possibly resist this adorable little belly button?!

Ollie with his week-old friend, Hayden;

Hanging out in the sling at the shops (yes... I was walking through the mall taking photos!!!);

And most recent of all, cuddles with Tilly this morning;

Aside from taking way too many photos, I have also been crafting. I have started my Christmas cards (not long to go now!), made the thank you cards for those people lovely enough to have given Ollie a gift to celebrate his birth, and I have started on a layout for Scrapz.Biz's Scrapper of Oz competition. This particular comp is awesome because you get more than a week to create your layout whichsuits my curent situation perfectly. Also, every participant to complete all 4 challenges gets a $10 store voucher... the perfect incentive to get over the sleep deprivation and do some scrapping!!! Poor Ollie is yet to have a layout made of himself... but come Wednesday night, he'll finally have number 1!

I have also just stumbled upon a new crafting passion... making softies... cool retro soft toys! I have bought a few books and have begun tracing and cutting the pieces for my first softie. Pretty sure my sewing machine is stuffed so it may be a while before I actually get around to having it serviced and sewing up my project, but I will share asap!

Well, that's it for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!