Thursday, February 11, 2010

Challenge 7!

Last night I completed Challenge 7 for the Scrapz.Amour comp at Scrapz. We pretty much had free reign for this one, so long as it included stamping, however Melleny did give us the opportunity to re-create her gorgeous hanging heart box by providing us with a template and a stunning sample. I jumped at the chance, and here is what I created;

I am totally stoked with how this turned out!!!

I think I will fill the heart with lollies and hang it from Til's bedroom door for her to find on V-Day morning. She is really appreciative of the things I make her, so I have no dramas giving it to her even tho she's little. She might accidentally wreck it or something, but if it makes her day then that is all that matters!!!

In other news, my brother and I were heading to the Good Vibrations Festival on Sunday to see The Killers, but today it was announced that they had cancelled their appearance due to illness in the family. I totally understand their situation but I am still really bummed cos I'd bought the tickets for my bro for his 18th wholly and solely because they would be there. The Killers are his fave band. I have my fingers crossed they will allow for a refund but I won't hold my breath. It just really sucks cos I spent a lot of money on those tickets, and now my poor bro has nothing from me for his 18th. I wanted so badly to get him something special and now he could quite possibly end up with nothing more than an e-ticket... I certainly cannot afford a second gift. Such is life, I guess.

Well that's it for my ranting!!! LOL! Have a great night and a wonderful Friday! Tomorrow I get to meet my friend's new baby for the first time. Can't wait!!!


Vanessawith3 said...

That heart is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the concert, but sounds to me like you got your brother a wonderful gift and he will always have the memory of how meaningful it was. It is out of your control how it turned out but I am sure he will treasure the love with which it was given.
What a loving sister you are.

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Beautiful heart project, Til will just adore it. Hope you can get a refund on your tickets.

Kaye x

Jewls said...

WOW Clo, that heart is gorgeous, Til will love it. Your little bro is taking it pretty well, don't be too upset, it means more to him just knowing he is loved so very much by his wonderful big sis.

Tanya Tahir said...

Love the heart! Your cards below are gorgeous! Bummer about Good Vibrations! Were you able to get a refund??