Thursday, April 30, 2009


On Saturday night, my daughter had one of her little friends over for a quick playdate. The mess that resulted after just three short hours was astonishing, but some good came out of it... as I cleaned up and was putting away each of the million books that had been ripped out from the bookshelf in her room, I stumbled upon her missing Easter card!!! She had filed it away in her bookshelf! Possibly not the most obvious spot to put one's Easter card, but I guess I shall never understand exactly how DD's little brain works. She's a character to say the least!

So, after numerous weeks, I can finally share DD's Easter card. Here it is;

For this card, I limited myself to scrap patterned paper, together with an old set of Karen Foster Easter stickers, and a few other bits and bobs. I stuck the bunny sticker to the card front with foam mounting squares for a bit of extra dimension. This was only a pretty quick card as I left it until Easter night to make it, but I hope you like it all the same!!!
A couple of weeks back I made this card, but forgot to share;

It uses Cosmo Cricket Snorkel paper, brads, and lots of machine stitching. I just adore this range, as well as the Girl Friday line. I have a gazillion plans using these products... now to find the time to actually create them!

This coming Saturday (May 2nd) is National Scrapbooking Day. To celebrate, I am heading to Mum's place for a day of paper-crafting. I hope to make at least 10 cards.

I'd love to know what your plans are for the day. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next time, happy scrapping!

P.S. Just wanted to congratulate fellow scrapper and friend, Jolene Pienaar, on the birth of her new baby girl, Lily Anabella, who made an early arrival on the 26th of April. She is so sweet! Bets of wishes to you and your family.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh When the Saints Go Marching In!!!

Yesterday, my Mum and little came around for a visit. Mum and I made cards together and the girls played outside and did colouring-in. Although they were here for most of the day, I still managed to get very little done!!! Not surprising given the fact there was too much talking going on and that we took a an excursion to my LSS and to the bakery (jam and cream donuts! Yum!!!)

I did manage to complete one card. This one is my example for the Bonus Challenge for the second round of the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge at Wicked Princesses. This week's theme is Envy. For the card challenge, participants are required to create a card incorporating the following;
  • green and black only
  • a transparency
  • doodling
  • a goodluck-themed sentiment

This is my card;

This card was made using this week's 2 Sketches 4 You sketch, Laura's sketch 24. Check it out here. I was surprised to find that this week's sponsor of 2 Sketches 4 You was none other than Wicked Princesses!!! Small world given this is an American site!

Later that evening, I completed a set of cards using BG's Wisteria Card Kit. I have done a few of these kits in the past, so I decided this time I might make a few adjustments to the designs suggested and make them my own. The alterations are only small, like real stitching instead of doodled, and a few touches of Glossy Accents, but I am happy with the end result. Here's two of the eight cards I made;

Before I go I just want to explain the title of my post... I am a huge Saints fan and I am in love with Nick Riewoldt, and last night my boys defeated Port Adelaide by heaps!!! I don't often stay up quite so late as the midnight effort I pulled last night, but watching the Saints win with a big name player out, in Adelaide, and against a good quality team was absolutely worth it!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Proud and a Little Vain

It's finally here... Week 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins challenge over at the Wicked Princesses blog!!! For details of this week's challenge, click here.

I had hoped a second competition, to be aimed at card-makers, would be run alongside the main competition, however due to a lack of registrations, it was not deemed worthwhile. Therefore, it was decided that each week participants would instead be provided with a BONUS POINTS card challenge. This week's bonus criteria is to create a card that incorporates the following;

1. Monochromatic colour scheme - purple
2. Bling and/or glitter
3. Celebration Theme, with the sentiment to read “CELEBRATE YOU”.

This is my example;

And a close-up to show the glitter details;

If you are one of the Wicked Princesses' Sinners, then be sure to complete your card and upload it to the gallery by midnight Friday to get yourself a bonus vote, and a step closer to winning one of the awesome end prizes on offer.

Even if you are not competing, I'd love to see your take on my challenge. Just leave a comment here with a link to your creation!

There is still no sign of my daughter's Easter card... will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Are Yoooouuuu?!

My daughter's Easter card... the one I promised to show you... well it seems to have disappeared!!! After giving it to DD Easter morning, she ran away with it... she never even let me read it to her!!! I haven't seen it since. Undoubtedly, it is crumpled up in her knicker drawer or stuffed behind the fridge, but whenever I find it, regardless of its level of destruction, I will snap a piccie and share.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Seven Deadly Sins challenge at Wicked Princesses!!! I can hardly wait!!! I am in charge of creating card samples for the card portion of the challenge... so once the challenge is announced I'll be back to share my card... and I promise this one won't go missing! LOL!

Happy Friday!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I hope you are all having as wonderful an Easter as I am!

We woke EARLY to a very excited 2-and-a-half-year old, and quickly proceeded to follow the Easter Bunny's egg trail from my daughter's bedroom to the front door. Outside we found lots of eggs, some stickers, and a singing duck puppet. The Easter Bunny certainly spoilt our little girl this year! She had a really fun time on her hunt.

After a nutritious breakfast of chocolate, we went to my in-laws place. Following that, we headed off to a picnic at Point Walter with my family. Mum put on a great feast, including crayfish salad, quiche, and fruit salad. We then had a swim, and a quick spin in my kayak.

At 5pm it was finally time to collect DH from work (he'd been there since 7.30am!) and we headed out for dinner. We were quickly ordered home by our little angel... we later found out it was because she needed to have some Easter eggs! LOL!

Now, back at home, my daughter is looking ready for bed and I am feeling a little exhausted!

What a wonderful day!!!

Before I go, here's a few pics I've taken today;

I'll be back tomorrow to share the Easter card I made for DD.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get Out Those Diaries Ladies...

...because there an awesome event happening over at the Cuttlebug Challenges blog on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of May. Here's the details;

I hope to see you there!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Gallery Reveal Day...

over at Wicked Princesses! That means I can finally share with you my creations from the April Card Kit.

Card 1;

Card 2;

Card 3;

and Card 4;

I should mention that instructions for cards 1 and 2 will be available shortly in the downloads section of the WP Blog... so if you like the looks of these, head on over!

I should also mention that the thing I loved most about this month's kit was the fact that it has included in it a Pink Paislee Pixee Stix! I have not been able to find these anywhere so was so totally excited to finally got my hands on one and have a play! It is very different to any glitter I have used previously- it's quite fine, but has a crushed glass-like look to it which reflects the light so beautifully, and it is really easy to clean up because it's not sticky like some glitters. Ok... so my descriptive skills suck... all I'm trying to say is this glitter is so beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Now to find some more in other colours....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Days!!!

Beware... pregnancy ramblings ahead...

Today it was time for my first antenatal appointment at the hospital at which I plan to give birth in September. I had been waiting for this day for nearly three years... ever since I left after having my daughter I have yearned to return. I love my hospital and everyone that works there. The midwives are truly beautiful people and make the journey through pregnancy, birth, and the early days with bub so much easier and so much more memorable. Today I felt at home and it was a great feeling!!!

The midwife who examined me today, Ange, was such a hoot and very friendly! She said that everything is going well with myself and with the baby, and that we are both very healthy. The baby was moving about ALOT and the midwife commented that it seemed to be a very active, high energy baby... something I'm used after having my daughter so I'm certain I'll be experienced enough when it comes time to tame two crazy children at once!!! LOL!

We got a chance to listen to the baby's heart beat which was a wonderful experience, especially for my daughter. She was all smiles when she heard her baby making 'train noises' just for her!!! My sweet little girl stood at the foot of the bed holding onto my feet while I was examined - it was so nice to have her there with us! She was very good, (although a little noisy!) - she got on really well with the midwife... she had the midwife fetching textas and paper, she was allowed to use the midwife's stethoscope, and she even gave the midwife a cuddle before we left!!! I am enjoying seeing my daughter grow and mature as she prepares to become a big sister. I know she'll do a great job when the time comes.

My next appointment will be at 22 weeks once I've had my 20 week ultrasound. Can't wait!!!

In terms of scrapping, I have nothing to share because I am yet to finish anything I started over the weekend. I have two words for you... commitment issues!!! I'll share as soon as they're done... however long that may be!!!

Have a great week and happy scrapping!

Thanks for your comments!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy Busy Me!

Last weekend officially marked the end of wedding season- my fridge is now void of wedding invitations... and I am secretly VERY relieved!!! I have been to 4 weddings this year. For one of these weddings I was a bridesmaid, another I was suffering morning sickness at, and the remaining two were held within a week of each other; the 23rd of March and the 29th of March. The long days and late nights have been exhausting. Thank goodness it's all over and I can get back to resting, relaxing, and paper-crafting!!!

With all these weddings it's inevitable I made a card or two along the way! Here's one, which I made for each of the two weddings held last week;

On April 1st, a new card sketch was added to the Wicked Princesses blog and gallery. Here it is;

Here's my take;

And a close-up;

Gotta love that Heidi Swapp Silouhette word! Always thought it's be a sticker but when I got it out to use it I realised it's a printed die-cut made from acetate. So cool!!!

Be sure to have a go at this sketch, because not only could you win $10 to spend in the Wicked Princesses store, but you could also win yourself this gorgeous soap set from the Soap Dish;

Anyone who purchases a kit or loads their work into the gallery will go into the draw to win this beautiful pack... and just in time for Mother's Day! Yum!!! The drawing will be a random draw so everyone has a chance of winning.

That's it for today! I'll be back after the weekend - I'm scrapping at Mum's over the weekend so should have some stuff to share. Til then, happy scrapping!!!