Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awesome Lawson!

I'm back! Ollie and I arrived home from Kalgoorlie Wednesday afternoon, but life has been hectic since then with now being my first chance to post re meeting my adorable nephew, Lawson, for the first time.

We flew to Kal. A 50 minute plane trip vs a 6-7 hour drive was a pretty easy decision to make! Ollie was really good. He only screamed for a few minutes before falling asleep just before landing. And prior to that he played with his toys and sucked on a dried apricot very contentedly. His first plane trip was a success!!!

We arrived in Kal on Sunday morning. My Brother-in-Law picked us up from the airport and took us straight back to their place. Little Lawson was just finishing up a feed, and was being burped by his Mummy, my Sister-in-Law. Without hesitation, Kat passed her little bundle over to me for my first cuddle. OMG! What a cutie!!! And SOOOOO tiny!!! He was 6 pounds 13 ounces at birth and 49cm long. At 4 weeks he must've grown, but to me he was the smallest baby I'd ever held! He is seriously perfect! And my heart absolutely melt into a puddle the first time I saw him open his gorgeous blue eyes! I may have even had a tear or 2 in my eyes!!!

Here's our first piccie together;

And Ollie's first playtime with his new cousin;

Ollie was so gentle and played very nicely. The funniest thing was that he really REALLY wanted Lawson's dummy! He tried several times to pull it from his cousin's mouth!!! I hadn't realised how much Ollie had grown and how big he now is until these little guys lay side by side! Ollie is not a little baby anymore!

I set up a quick photo shoot of Lawson one morning so that we could get a nice photo for his birth announcements (which I am making as part of my gift to his parents). Kat and Jarren chose this as their favourite;

I also really liked these;

And on my last evening, I took a heap of family photos for Kat and Jarren at a local park. This has to be be absolute fave... they look so happy and totally in love;

These ones are also nice;

We didn't do much other than hang out at home, eat, and go for a few walks, but I had the very best time. Just being there and spending time with Lawson and Kat and Jarren was all I had wanted. It was perfect! I loved every second!!! I feel so lucky to have been able to visit Lawson in his first weeks of life, and to have been there to support my beloved SIL and BIL. They are doing so well. I am so proud of them both!

They will be visiting us here in Perth in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!!!

I hope you enjoyed the update. I'm sure you'll agree that Lawson is awesome!

Oh and just cos, here's a cute photo I took of Ollie while we were away;

And a little taste of Kalgoorlie;

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Jewls said...

What great photos you took Clo. The 3 of them make such a beautiful family. Lawson is such a cutie.

Melleny Ams said...

Cluck, cluck, cluck.....oh he is so gorgeous!!!

Kirsty said...

So so cute!!!!