Monday, March 15, 2010

6 Months Already!!!

Yesterday my sweet baby boy turned 6 months old! Isn't it incredible how fast time flies past?! As I always here people say, "They grow up so fast"! And although I am not sad to see Ollie growing bigger and more clever every day, I do wish he could stay my baby forever because I so love having a baby in the house and he is such an angel.

To celebrate his special day, I made Oliver a chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake. Nothing special, just a packet mix, but I don't think he minded in the least. What do you think?!!

I also did a bit of a photo shoot to mark the milestone. These are my favourites;

In terms of scrappy news, I have been participating in the newest comp to hit Scrapz, Scrapz.Chickadees, but I've been a bit busy and have had a bit too much going on at home (read: DD issues!) to complete much as yet. So far all I've managed is this, a cute Easter basket using Cosmo's Garden Variety line;

I have been working on a few layouts for Jordie at Just Scrapbooking and some others just cos, but none of them are actually finished yet so you'll have to wait a bit longer for those!

Have a wonderful week and I shall be back to share more soon.


Melissa said...

HAPPY 6 MONTHS BIRTHDAY Ollie....I reckon that cupcake is going down a treat by those photos Chloe.He is such a handsome little guy

Jewls said...

LOL, he eats cake just like me.
He didn't waste any by the looks of it. Love the pics you took especially that little peek a boo one.
Your Easter basket is so cute, can you believe I don't have any of the new Cosmo yet....shock, horror!!!!

Melleny Ams said...

OMG how did that happen? 6 months already???? Gosh time flies, he is one super little cute guy

Tanya said...

I just said to Jordie a couple of weeks ago that he must be a couple of months old by now, but apparently I was a little off! That went really quick, I haven't seen him since he was tiny. Gorgeous greation too, as usual x


love the egg basket..very cute.. looks messy with those cakes.. lol im sure they were very much so enjoyed.. take care chick.. see ya soon...:)