Sunday, October 12, 2008

SYTYCS Round 6 Entry

This weeks challenge for SYTYCS at Scraptacular was pretty tough going. For the most part, the criteria were pretty easy... at least 100 handwritten or 200 computer generated words, at least a couple of words of handwritten journalling, one 6x4 photo (or smaller), and only one patterned paper. The hard part came with the final of the five criteria; to journal about a sad time in our lives.

I chose to document my battle with Post-Natal Depression. Very few people know of my condition. I have kept it private out of pride, fear, and the risk of humiliation. So to have my words out there for the whole of cyberspace to see is not a decision I made lightly. In the end I figured that PND is part of who I am, I am not alone, and my words could help another person in some way, however small.

Given that this week we were asked to focus on story-telling, I felt it best to create a fairly minimalist design in neutral tones so as to keep the focus on my photo and my handwritten journalling. Here's my creation;

I have used pp, chiboard, and stickers from one of BG's newest lines, Granola. I have also used Carolee's Creations alpha stickers as part of my title.

My journalling reads;

In 2006, after giving birth to my first daughter, I developed Post-Natal Depression. For someone who didn’t even believe in PND, my diagnosis was a harsh reality check.
I was not officially diagnosed with PND until my daughter was about 3 months old. Before then, the days passed in a blur of tears, tantrums, and a sense of overwhelming sadness. I felt as though I was existing at the bottom of a big, black hole in the ground; a hole so deep that it was impossible to escape; a hole was getting deeper by the day.
Eventually, in spite of my pride, I mustered the strength to confront my GP. It was then that I finally received the help I so desperately needed.
Two years on, my life is far from healed. I still suffer from depression - it’s a battle I fight every day. The difference now is that I am lucky enough to experience the odd good day when I feel happy, calm, and positive.
So, although the battle continues, I am positive that I will one day overcome my condition, and reclaim the life that is rightfully mine!

Much to my relief, there will be no voting this week. The lovely ladies running the competition have decided that it is unfair to have people eliminated given the heartfelt and emotional context of this week's challenge. Of course that means a few more ladies will have to be eliminated in fututre Rounds, but that's fine by me! I couldn't have handled the responsibility of voting this week!!!

Well, that's it for me... thanks for sharing my story.


anna said...

wow, clo - thanks for being brave enough to share that... i had antenatal depression when i was pregnant with imogen, and that was bad enough - at least i knew there was an end in sight to being pregnant... *big squishy hugs*


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

OH Chloe, that is so brave a thing to journal about, at least you got help with it. I also suffered it with my last and no-one helped me (I mentioned it to doctors and baby health nurse only to be told after a good nights sleep I would be fine). I think mine was also due to the fact that I had other health problems to face at that time (which I new about before deciding to fall pregnant) and I knew she was my last.
(((hugs))) and thanks for sharing your story.

Melissa said...

You are so strong Chloe, it would have been hard for you to make this decision, but good for you in having the strength to tell your story.There are so many of us, who have been through the same thing .I can tell you, that it does get easier, and you will feel brighter and happier as time goes by.Keeping busy helps, but being a Mum really does change our lives so much.We just don't realise it until we are there and experiencing it.There are still days, when I get tired and wish I could just go to bed and sleep/hide away from the world.Bravo for putting yourself out there and telling your story....Biggest hugs...Love me xxoo

Kirsty said...


Its beautiful, and you are SO not alone!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on making it so far. That must have been a hard page to do.
Thank you for sharing a big part o you.
The page looks great.

Kerryn said...

wow that is so great of you to scrap about your personal experience. The layout is beautiful.

Jewls said...

I'm so proud of you my beautiful girl. I love your LO & admire your strength :)