Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Unwrapped 2010!

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the last day of the Easter break.

My family and I had a lovely day! It began at a reasonable hour with the much anticipated egg hunt. Tilly was overjoyed by the fact that the Easter Bunny came inside the house as well as leaving eggs outside - he left one gift by her bedroom door plus a trail of little eggs through the loungeroom to the front door!!!

Ollie woke a little later and went for his own little hunt. The Easter Bunny made it easy for him and 'hid' everything on his playmat and in his bouncer in the loungeroom. I never would have thought to do that!

Then he enjoyed his first ever Easter egg! It was alot less messy than I thought it would be. He just sucked on it. But he loved it!!!

After taking DH to work, we headed to my parent's place. We spent most of the day there with my family and my Grandad who is visiting from Thailand. It was a relaxing day. Tilly had fun doing craft and flying her own handmade kite with her Aunty Molly and we had a yummy BBQ lunch.

On our way home we stopped in to visit the kids' Nanna and Pop. Poppy had organised a little egg hunt for Tilly in his veggie patch which she loved!

Below is a bunch of my fave photos from Easter day;

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours!


Melissa said...

HI Chloe, your Easter sounded so lovely adn relaxing...just what you need hey.Glad you all had a good time at your Mums too.A lovely family photo to finish off your blog post......Can't go without saying how cute Ollie is and how much he has grown recently.You are blessed with a lovely family..XX Mel

Julie said...

How cute are these pics. Love the family one.

Sheree said...

Sounds like you all had a great Easter! Love the pics!

Sheree xx

Jewls said...

Good grief Clo, what time did Tilly wake up, it's still dark in that photo, LOL.
There's some pretty cute Easter bunnies in those photos.
It was great sharing the day with you guys xxx