Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Genealogy 101!

Currently running at Scrapz.Biz is the 2011 Scrapz.University competition.

One of the first week's subjects was Genealogy. The details for the subject are as follows;

Course Convenor:
Professor Georgia Keays

Course Outline:
In this elective we will be studying the connections between the generations of your family. Each generation of family has something unique to share with the others!

Scrap a layout which includes pictures of three or more generations of your family. The layout can be about times shared together, resemblances between family members or anything you like!

Credit Points:
10 points

Bonus Points:
Get messy with some paint or ink splatters and include some string. (These are worth an extra 5 points each.)

For my take on the challenge I decided to scrap a photo taken around Easter of last year when my Grandfather visited from Thailand. I hadn't seen him since I was about 6 or so, so it was very exciting to see him and introduce him to my kids. We were lucky enough to spend the day with him, visiting various places around Fremantle. It was lots of fun and has become a very treasured memory.

I leave my creations out of a night time for James to see when he gets home from work. He thought I was most clever by making my page base mimic the boardwalk in the photo - grey with a white edge! I was surprised he actually noticed!!!

I passed on the ink splatters but did include string for extra credit. Here's a close up;

It's been a while since I've actually managed to participate in a scrapping challenge, but hopefully I manage to get a couple more done before Uni is in for real. Less than 2 weeks until orientation week! Yay!!! I can't wait to start studying again.

Well, I best be off. Have to get Til ready for kindy (then I might sneak in some more scrapping while Ollie sleeps!)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Kerryn said...

Absolutely fabulous Chloe!! Hope you were able to get in some more scrapping too :).

Sandra D said...

Gorgeous page Chloe :)

Jewls said...

Love the banner on this layout. That's a great photo of you guys with Grandad.