Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only 7 Weeks Until...

Christmas!!! Crazy isn't it?! When I realised this I thought it about time to get started on my Christmas cards for this year. I think I originally planned to start sometime a few months ago but making a start in November is probably a record for me. Usually I leave it to the very last minute. Even more surprising still is that I've got off to a flying start, having had a very productive day creating 10 Christmas cards. Here they are;

I've accumulated a lot of Christmas product over the last few years, so for these cards, my aim was to create quickly and using as much old product as possible. Aside from some twine, buttons and bling, everything was stuff I already had, and I managed to create these 10 cards in less than a few hours while Ollie slept. At this rate I'll be set for Christmas AND a restock of my Christmas stash in no time!!! LOL!

Tomorrow I am competing in the Port to Port fun run being held in Fremantle tomorrow. I have entered into the 4km run. I have never participated in anything like it before but have always wanted to, an having worked on my fitness for the last few months I think I might just be able to do it. James is coming along for the run for a bit of moral support too. Hopefully neither of us pass out from exhaustion somewhere along the track! Wish me luck!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Kerryn said...

I still love these christmas ranges you've used even though they are older.

Good luck in the fun run!