Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!!!

For the last 10 days, I have been participating in Scrapz' The Twelve Days of Christmas challenge. Basically, each day, one of the DT girls posts a quick and easy festive papercrafting idea for us to complete. For each project completed, you go into the draw to win one of twelve prizes, which are comprised of a number of 'gifts' that are announced each day with the challenge. So... the first prize will comprise of only the one item from day 1. The second prize will comprise of the one item from day 1 plus 2 items from day 2. The third prize will comprise of one from day 1, two from day 2 plus three from day. The fourth prize will be one from day one, two from day 2, 3 from day 3 plus 4 from day 4 and so on so that the twelfth prize will include:

1 from day 1
2 from day 2
3 from day 3
4 from day 4
5 from day 5
6 from day 6
7 from day 7
8 from day 8
9 from day 9
10 from day 10
11 from day 11
12 from day 12

How fun is this concept?!

So far the gifts that have been announced each day are;

Day 1 - one Fancy Pants Glitter Star
Day 2 - two Making Memories Mistletoe Glitter Leaves
Day 3 - three Jenni Bowlin Christmas Bingo Tickets
Day 4 - four Imaginisce Christmas Stamps
Day 5 - five Reindeer A-Leaping
Day 6 - six Fancy Pants Hanging Ornaments
Day 7 - seven Pink Persimmon stamps
Day 8 - eight Fancy Pants Tis The Season Pins
Day 9 - nine EF Santa Scraps
Day 10 - ten Green Tara Poinsettia Flowers

So far I have completed 5 challenges, so have 5 entries into the draw to win one of these awesome prizes!!!

I have made Day 1's project, which was Melleny's Little Surprise Box;

I have already given this one away. I plan to make a few more of these to give to Tilly's daycare teachers for Christmas.

Day 2's project was set by Deb, who challenged us to create a Christmas gift packaging item using some sort of recycled material. I particularly love this challenge, and have a million ideas running around in my head. So far I have only managed to put one into action... a bag topper made using recycled corrugated cardboard;

I have also completed challenges from days 5, 6, and 9...

Day 5 - Hand-made Bon-bons;

Day 6 - Gift Card Holders;

(inside view)

Day 9 - Paper Baskets;

I have also made two of Day 7's challenge, which was Post-It Note Holders, but I am still chasing something to bind them with before they are 100% done and ready to share/upload.

Today I am working on challenges 3 and 8, so I will be back to share those with you soon.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with these adorable reindeer candy canes that I made for Til to hand out to her friends at daycare. Again, this awesome idea came from the Scrapz forum! I wonder if it is possible that they might one day run out of such cool ideas?! LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Kerryn said...

Loving all your little ScrapzBiz creations.

and your little superhero is the cutest!!!

Jewls said...

Tilly, can Granny have one of those candy canes? They are too cute!!!!
Love all these great Christmas projects, especially the gift card holder, that looks really cool.