Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's No Place Like the Finish Line...

I did it! I managed to complete all four challenges in The Scrapper of Oz comp at Scrapz.Biz! A layout a week is a huge achievement for me anytime, even moreso with a newborn! My entry for last Thursday's challenge is this;

We had to scrap our favourite shoes, subtly incorporate our 4 'secret weapons', and include a special effect. I particularly enjoyed the special effect aspect of this challenge. I printed two of my photo, one in colour and one in black and white. I then cut the thongs from the colour photo and stuck them over the other photo with foam squares, giving the image a 3D effect! Looks great IRL!

Last weekend I did a class at my LSS. It was taught by my good friend Tanya, and was her first class ever. She did an amazing job!!! This is what we created;

Rest assured, these are not my first Christmas cards! I made a start on my cards a couple of months ago, but they were put to the backburner for a while since Ollie was born. Well, I pulled them out last night and did a bit more on them... I hope to have the majority of them done by the end of the week so I can begin writing in them before December rolls around. Not long left til Christmas! Aargh!!!

In other, non-scrappy news, yesterday was Ollie 2 month birthday. We celebrated with a little blue cupcake with a candle in the top. We used to do this wih Tilly every month leading up to her first birthday. Bad Mummy forgot all about Ollie's first month birthday, but I guess at least I remembered this month!!! Here's a pic;

Tilly was most pleased that Ollie is too little to eat cupcakes;

At 2 months, Oliver;

  • weighs just over 5.4 kg and measures 58.5 cm (yes he's grown shorter since birth?!?)

  • loves to cuddle and hold hands, especially when he's upset

  • coos

  • has had his first immunisations - he was very brave but they did make him very sleepy

  • still eats every 2 to 2.5 hours

  • has had his first bottles of expressed milk, fed to him by Daddy and Tilly

  • wakes twice in the night, 11-12pm and 3.30am

  • is happiest in the morning (unlike his Mummy!)

  • sleeps in bed with Mummy every morning until 8.30am

  • loves bathtime

  • hates the car, but is otherwise very easy to take out places

  • has developed VERY strong neck muscles (the health nurse commented that he is holding his head as well as a 3 month old!)

  • hates being put down - we almost always have to carry him

  • is the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful baby boy I have ever known!!!

  • Oh and one other thing while I remember to mention it... look out for a card of mine that is published on page 91 in this month's issue of Scrapbook Creations, number 72! They have just launched a stamping and card-making section, and I was lucky enough to have one of my cards included in it... on the same spred as cards by Maxine Hazebroek, Carole Jansen, and Belinda Venables!!! Eek!!! I should also have cards in the following two issues.

    Well, that's it for today... off to work on my Christmas cards for a bit before my angel wakes from Slumberland!

    Happy Sunday!


    Kerryn said...

    They look fabulous Chloe! YAY on the card publishing too :).

    You're too little cherubs are just gorgeous :D.

    Kirsty said...

    I saw your card in the mag!!!! So excited!
    Love the LO, the cards and your gorgeous Bubbas!!!

    Krissy Christie said...

    That LO is gorgeous Chloe!Love that photo effect!

    Awww your kids are so cute!

    Krissy xx

    Shimano (aka Christine) said...

    that layout is great - I can visualise it being 3'd too.

    Julie said...

    Tilly looks so happy to get to eat Oliver's cake.

    Congrats on the mag pub.

    Anonymous said...

    what a sweet tradition, with the cupcakes. congrats on the card publication, I have got the magazine, but I am flying to Canberra on thursday for a week with my best friend, so I am saving it to read on the plane:)I will be sure to look out for page 91....take care

    Tanya said...

    Hi Chloe! Thanks for popping in :) Your little boy is adorable! And good one completing the Scrapper of Oz!! I had eyed the comp off but never registered.

    Felicity said...

    Love all your creations!!!
    Wow, Ollie is 2 months, that sure has gone quick.
    sounds like he is doing very well.

    byclops said...

    Love that layout Chloe! Good to hear everything is going well with Ollie :)