Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OMG... Two Posts in a Week!

I am determined to redeem myself after my terrible performance of late by keeping on top of updating The Cat's Paper Pyjamas... one post a month is so not cool!!!

So... here it is... post number two for the week!

As promised, I am back with the 'almost-completed-but-not-quite-embellished' LO I said I had been working on. After spending $30 on an assortment of potential embellishments (don't tell DH... he'll freak!) I finally finished my LO late last night. It's a fairly simple design, but I a really happy with how it turned out. Here it is;

This LO documents our dog's first swim at the beach, when he was just a puppy. I know this sounds just terrible, but I don't particularly like our dog - it's not his fault... he is a border collie x kelpie which makes for a very jumpy, barky dog. He drives me around the bend to no end!!! But DH has been besotted with Sam since he first lay eyes on him. That is why I felt it important to create this LO so DH's memories are documented as well as those of my daughter and I. The best thing is... I know he is grateful for the LOs I create for him!

I have a few projects planned for the coming weeks. I am currently putting together my submission for the Wicked Princesses' Card Making DT. I love love love making cards and having the opportunity to play with their gorgeous kits month after month to make my cards would be a dream come true. I also plan to take part in CPS's 100th sketch competition and (hopefully) do this month's Puzzle Sketches competition. Busy busy busy... and I shall be back!


Jayne said...

Wow Chloe that layout is gorgeous!!! LOVE the colours you have used and what a gorgeous photo :)

Kerryn said...

woah slow down Chloe LOL. Love how the layout has turned out. Good luck on the WP DT tryout :).

Kirsty said...

Oh, I love this! So simple, but gorgeous!

Jewls said...

Love how this LO turned out. Great job Clo :)


absolutely gorgeous male page chloes.. and yep our men should be documented too.. i should make it a monthly thing..