Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Scrapper of Oz - Round 1... DONE!!!

Yep... that's right! I have finished and uploaded my entry for Round 1 of Scrapz.Biz's The Scrapper of Oz competition! This is one of only half a dozen layouts I have created this year so far, so to have completed it with a 5 week old and within the alloted time frame is quite the achievement for me!

The criteria for Round 1 were;

- your or someone else's dreams/plans/hopes
- a scene as your background
- include the seven colours of the rainbow
- an element of movement

Here's my take;

Poor neglected Oliver now has his very first layout! The photo I have used here was taken when he was 3 days old, just an hour or so before we brought him home from hospital. You'll notice it is very similar to the photo I used on his birth announcements... I had taken literally 50 or 60 photos during this shoot that I set up in my hospital room... I was bored ok!!! Hehehe!

Ollie had another 50 or 60 photos taken of him on Sunday afternoon during his first visit to the beach. He loved it! We mostly sat on the sand and watched James and Til, but he did go for a little 'dingle' (that's our family word for paddling your feet!) with Daddy. Daddy was a bit too slow to get away from a wave... it splashed on Ollie and in his face! He was drenched afterward but never complained! Here's a few pics;

I also took a few snaps of Tilly yesterday while she play in a box leftover from the nursery furniture. She's never really got into playing with big boxes, but as you can see she had a ball with this one! This was my fave photo;

Thanks for popping by!


Felicity said...

Love that LO and ya to doing Ollies first LO.
LOVe those piccies at the beach, cant wait to see them scrapped.
Tilly looks ultra cute playing in the box.

Anonymous said...

Oh chloe its gorgeous, as per ussual, and its great to see you back into scrapping again :)

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Chloe you layout is gorgeous, great use of the criteria, Ollie is just adorable! He looks happy enough having a dingle in the water and not too put off from being splashed. What a fab photo of Til!

Kaye x

Julie said...

love that layout Chloe and those pics are just gorgeous.

Melissa said...

Hey Chloe, looking good girlie, and how adorable is Oliver looking.He looks so content and Matilda looks positively impish in that box of hers.How long did it last BTW? Ours never make it to day two, as it gets stood on etc etc.All the best in your scrapping comp, and how could you go wrong with such a gorgeous subject!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't sent anything to celebrate Oliies arrival, with all that has been happening with me, I just haven't had the abilty too, but there will be something special coming his way soon.Think of you all over there often XX Mel

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous LO and gorgeous kiddo bugs!!!

Jewls said...

Love your LO Clo, good luck with the comp.
Those photos are so cute :)