Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've Been Papercrafting!!!

Well, here it is... my first papercraft project completed since the birth of Oliver just over two weeks ago... his birth announcement cards;

I have been working on these since arriving home from hospital, but of course the demands of a new bub means less time for crafting... what with the nappy changing, breastfeeding, and endless piles of washing!!! That said, this is by far much more than I had expected to achieve so early on after Oliver's arrival. I guess I'm just lucky that Oliver is a mostly content little boy, and that DH and Matilda are very helpful.

Anyway, back to the cards... I made 20 of these 3.5 inch square notecards, using white Colormates and blue Swiss Dots Bazzill, together with Paper Inklings rub-ons and tiny blue Beutron buttons. Inside is listed Oliver's stats.

I plan to also make some thank yous for the many generous people who have given us the most thoughtful gifts in celebration of Oliver's arrival. I probably have close to 50 to make so I will need to keep it VERY simple!

Well, that's it for me for now. I'll leave you with a recent pic of Oliver, taken yesterday (two weeks and one day);


Kerryn said...

He is just beautiful Chloe :). Glad to hear everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous bright eyed bubby, I am glad hes a good boy for you :).

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Beautiful baby boy and love your birth announcement cards. xx

Felicity said...

how adorable is he. :)
love the announcement card
sounds like your doing very well.

Melissa said...

Awww Chloe, he is totally adorable, just like granny said.No wonder she loves all her Oliver cuddles.He is a little angel to be so contented.
Beautiful card BTW...take care and treasure your two beautiful bundles of joy

Jewls said...

That has to be the cutest little face ever. It's a gorgeous photo Clo. Love the announcement cards too.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Adorable birth announcements! And what a precious little one...what gorgeous bright eyes Oliver has! :)

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Adorable card. Can't believe you are actually fitting in some crafting you must be so organized, well done! Oliver is just too cute!

Kaye x

Kirsty said...

Aaaaaw he is just GORGEOUS!!! Sounds as if everythng is going SO well for you!

Cath said...

Hey Chloe! Thanks for sharing your blog with us! And congratulations on your little one! He is beautiful!

~Cath from Moxie Fab World