Friday, July 31, 2009

WP DT Projects... and Other Stuff!

For the past few weeks, it has become my mission to prematurely embrace my nesting instinct and get to work preparing the house for bub's arrival. At this stage, bub has no bedroom because the spare room has long been my scrap room. This equals untold mess, piles of product and half-done projects, and, well, just lots of crap!!! So I have been sorting, ditching, tidying, and cleaning like a mad woman so that I might somehow manage to cram my current stash into a couple of cupboards in one corner of our lounge room. So far I consider myself to be doing quite well... I think I might actually accomplish the task at hand, despite EVERYONE thinking it an impossible feat!!!

The nesting doesn't stop there... I have been to Ikea three times in two weeks to buy furniture for the scrap area and for the baby's room, I have bullied DH into renovating the hideous blue mess that is the previous owner's idea of painting a loungeroom, and I have begun packing my hospital bag. Once DH has done the loungeroom his next task will be to renovate the spare room, ie. ripping out 2 wardrobes, stripping paint and then re-painting, and carpeting. Poor guy... I reckon this nesting thing is harder for him than for me!!! LOL!

No doubt my crazy tendencies are only going to worsten over the next few weeks once I finish up at work (less than 2 weeks left) and the REAL nesting instinct kicks in. I am not a big fan of cleaning, so when the bleach comes out, you know bub isn't far away! LOL!

Between now and then, I have my baby shower this Sunday and then I am off to retreat with work the following Friday. I hope to do at least one page on retreat. I doubt that I'll get much more done because I'll also be working at the shop.

Anyway, onto more exciting things... I have scrapped!!! I know, I know... pick yourself up off the floor! I have actually stuck paper and photos down onto a page! Given I've made less than half a dozen layouts so far this year, this is quite an achievement! It's all thanks to Karen and Tam at Wicked Princesses who have promoted me to their Scrap DT. I am no longer on the Card DT, but instead I will each month be crafting with one of WP's new, better-than-ever layout or OTP kits. This month I got given the Pied Piper "Little Sprout" kit. This is what I created;

And some detail;

I'm in two minds about the squirrel die-cut, but otherwise I'm very happy with my first attempt at scrapping in a long while. Might just just make some time to do a bit more before bub arrives.

I'll also take this opportunity to share two cards that I made forever ago for Wicked Princess' 7 Deadly Sins challenge. The first was for the 6th week, Gluttony;

... and the second example was for the final week, Lust;

I have made one other card recently, but it has been accepted for publication in Scrapbook Creations so I cannot share it with you just yet.

That's it from me for now. I'm off to have a much needed nap.


Anonymous said...

WOW Chloe, your cards are awesome, and I cant belive your pregnancy has gone so fast, lol @ you getting all your supplies into one little corner of your house, but seems its coming together well. Hope to see some more Scrapbooking stuff from you before bubs arrives :-)

Kerryn said...

YAY for being on the WP team, I've always loved your layouts :). This one is no exception!
Have fun reorganising (remember to look after yourself though!!).

Melissa said...

Hey Sweetie.You have been working hard haven't you getting all these things done and tidied before Bub2 arrives.Poor HUbby, he will be glad to see Bubs arrive me thinks, then he can have a rest....NOT!!!!!
Love your sense of humour, had a good giggle, and have fun at your Baby shower on Sunday.
Congrats on the DT possie and scrapping again.It looks great, and I reckon the squirrel is cuttte

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Hi Chloe, congrats on the DT, loving the layout and I quite like the squirrel. The cards are fantastic too.

Hope you get all your stuff in the cupboards HE HE! I can only imagine how much stuff you have.

Hope the shower goes well on Sunday.

Kaye x

Felicity said...

I know the feeling about nesting!!! But its great to come home to a clean house!!
Not long till you finish work!! Hope you enjoy your last few weeks there and the retreat!!
Loving the LO and its great to see some creativeness from you. lol :) :) :)

Jewls said...

Love how the LO turned out Clo & that tree is awesome.
The cards are gorgeous too, I don't recall seeing them before.


love the share.. and wow.. your poor hubby.. im sure his capable though.. lol im still up for photos and i have next friday free if u want to get together and do some fun stuff

love the layout chickee


miss chloe.. its been for ever.. lol

hope all is well with you and your TRIBE.. lol

bigs hugs