Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Days!!!

Beware... pregnancy ramblings ahead...

Today it was time for my first antenatal appointment at the hospital at which I plan to give birth in September. I had been waiting for this day for nearly three years... ever since I left after having my daughter I have yearned to return. I love my hospital and everyone that works there. The midwives are truly beautiful people and make the journey through pregnancy, birth, and the early days with bub so much easier and so much more memorable. Today I felt at home and it was a great feeling!!!

The midwife who examined me today, Ange, was such a hoot and very friendly! She said that everything is going well with myself and with the baby, and that we are both very healthy. The baby was moving about ALOT and the midwife commented that it seemed to be a very active, high energy baby... something I'm used after having my daughter so I'm certain I'll be experienced enough when it comes time to tame two crazy children at once!!! LOL!

We got a chance to listen to the baby's heart beat which was a wonderful experience, especially for my daughter. She was all smiles when she heard her baby making 'train noises' just for her!!! My sweet little girl stood at the foot of the bed holding onto my feet while I was examined - it was so nice to have her there with us! She was very good, (although a little noisy!) - she got on really well with the midwife... she had the midwife fetching textas and paper, she was allowed to use the midwife's stethoscope, and she even gave the midwife a cuddle before we left!!! I am enjoying seeing my daughter grow and mature as she prepares to become a big sister. I know she'll do a great job when the time comes.

My next appointment will be at 22 weeks once I've had my 20 week ultrasound. Can't wait!!!

In terms of scrapping, I have nothing to share because I am yet to finish anything I started over the weekend. I have two words for you... commitment issues!!! I'll share as soon as they're done... however long that may be!!!

Have a great week and happy scrapping!

Thanks for your comments!!!


Kirsty said...

Thats so lovely! I loved the hospitals where I had my babies...felt like such a special lovely time!

Melissa said...

Fantastic news that all is well with both you and Bub Chloe.So good to know you are happy with your hospital and the people who will be assisting you in bringing your the newest addition to your family.How cute about Til , and she must be sooo excited about being a BIG SIS!!!
Commitment issues eh??? Hope you are able to get past it

Krissy C said...

Awwwww that is so cute and such a lovely family moment :)

Krissy xx

Jewls said...

I know how much you love that hospital. Do they understand that you won't be easy to get rid off, LOL.
Til will be a wonderful big sister just like you were :)

Kerryn said...

How exciting! Having your daughter be a part of it is fantastic.

How about a happy pregnant snap of you next.... hint hint :).

Tanya said...

Lovely story Chloe! Thanks for sharing! Good to hear everything is going so well x

Scrapsister said...

That is such a beautiful post. I loved 'my' hospital too and have fnd memories of having my babies there. All the best for your pregnancy.
Love your cards BTW...just beautiful.

Nicole said...

How fantastic. I loved my hospital, and the day after I had Charlotte I was telling everyone I would be back within 18 months.