Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes... I'm still here!!!

Sorry for my absence of late! I have been incredibly busy with work and family. I have had a teeny tiny bit of time to create, but at this stage it all seems like a chore as everything I'm creating needs to be done before Christmas ie. cards, presents, decor, etc. I hate deadlines!!!

I promise to be back sometime in the next few days to share the projects that I've been working on (They're all incomplete atm!!! Working on about 4 things at once!)

If you are looking for some inspiration (or just a break away from all your Christmas preparations, like me), then head over to Scrap Therapy tonight for their Christmas Cybercrop!!! It starts at 6pm AEDST tonight... be there or... bah, humbug!


anna said...

i was just thinking last night that i hadn't seen you online for a while... glad to hear you're still there!

Melissa said...

OH boy, Chloe, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling.I feel all Christmassed out right now, and with work on top of it...phew.I have 3 OTP on the go too for gifts, haven't scrapped a LO in weeks.Really want to, but have to get this stuff done.
Glad you are OK, I was starting to get a little worried when you hadn't posted in ages.Give Til a cuddle and catch you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am missing seeing your work around..hopefully wont be too long before you show.



cant wait to see your pages chick!! ... slacker.. lol

catch u soon